Get to know the Brucie:

Describe your style:

In transition – I’m 30 it’s time for a change!

Update: Still in transition…I’m 31…where did last year go?! 🙂

My job requires me to:

…make a bundle of visions, emotions, senses and passions into something beautiful, wearable, desirable and different.

The best part of my job is:

The excitement of creating something new – all the possibilities.

I spend most of my money on:

Food – I really care about what I eat.

Update: And my lovely Dachshund Dash….oh, and my fashion label… but they are both worth it!

My favourite place to go out in Dubai:

Difficult to say, it really depends on my mood, on the scene,  on the time of year.

Update: I don’t like crowds and I value table service in a bar…so somewhere like Uptown Jumeirah Beach Hotel floats my boat!

Confidence is:

For me, something that comes more and more with age and experience. I used to think I had confidence, but I see now that it was simply youthful bravado…

My wardrobe is:

A mess. Too much black, grey, navy – nothing works together. Too many holes from our feisty washing machine. In short, it needs an overhaul!

Update: Slowly improving…as soon as I find a great IPAD app that gives me total wardrobe management it will be the best wardrobe in town…

I indulge in:

Lie ins, I love to lie in…every day if possible. And spas…

In my fridge you will always find:

A lot of beer, but that belongs to my husband!

My favourite cities are:

Dubai, London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, New York, Rio de Janeiro….but there are lots I haven’t seen yet.

Having it all is:

Not desirable. A friend told me, “If all of your wishes were granted, then all of your dreams would be destroyed”, and I love to dream.

The most played song on my iPod is:

I don’t know…the battery is eternally empty! I am loving Set Fire to the Rain by Adele right now though. Club Tropicana is an all-time favourite!

The best gift I ever received was:

My education.  An invaluable gift.

The best restaurant is:

Gordon Ramsey at Clardiges in London has a special place in my heart, as that’s where my husband and I held our wedding lunch. I have to say it’s difficult to find a bad restaurant in Austria – amazing food.

The best bar is:

An “open” one…

My style icon is:

Kate Bosworth.

The place I love most in the world is:


I never spend money on:

Sweets. Chocolate not included of course!

I am happiest when:

At home with my husband eating great food and watching a great film on our comfy couch.

Update: With cute Dachshund on the lap of course!

Home to me is:

Anywhere and with anyone you can truly be yourself.

I love to travel to:

Anywhere in a car as a passenger with time to stare out the window and think.


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