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Dior, Please, No More!

23 Jul

I had always thought that John Galliano was as mad as a box of frogs, but he pulled off the crazy Dior haute couture collections each time. Theatrical, but beautiful, nuts, but polished nuts…(going to get some interesting people land on this page from that last comment!).

So when I saw the first collection after his “disgraced departure” I was hoping that (like Sarah Burton for McQueen) someone who had been propping him up these last years could finally come to the fore…alas, I was very disappointed:

Dior Haute Couture Paris Autumn 2011


A bit whacky?! Yes. Cool whacky?! Definitely not!

And the balls and cubes on the heads? What?!

Dior Haute Couture Paris Autumn 2011

Maybe I’m being mean….but anyway, it was not top trumps in my view. Bet John’s chuffed!
K x

Belt Up this Summer!

15 Jul

No – this is not a campaign for car safety – however, I will say that only total idiots drive around without wearing a seat belt – be good  🙂

This post is instead about the wonder that is….THE BELT! After a recent session with a fantastic Dubai-based stylist (Natalie Trevis: I have re-kindled my love for those little waist-defining straps. So which belts are hot (or not!) this summer?

Gucci OBI Belt – S/S’11

There’s a big trend this season for OBI belts….but I’m not a fan. The Obi is a traditional Japanese belt, used to keep the Kimono wrapped around the body. It’s very hard for a normal, curvy, not 7-foot tall woman to look good with such a wide block around her waist. Here are a few of the designer Obis on display this season….but personally, I’d steer clear unless you are a super model! Besides, they have a tendancy to look like you nicked your nan’s curtain ties…

Carolina Herrera OBI Belt – S/S’11

Paul & Joe OBI Belt S/S’11

There were also a lot of Bow Belts on the runway for Spring Summer 2011 – now these, I like!

Haider Ackermann Bow Belt – S/S’11

Phillip Lim Bow Belt – S/S’11



Valentino Bow Belt – S/S’11

The bow belt is a trend you can work to fit your size, style and mood. It can be classic and delicate as we see with Valentino – or making a statement a la Marc Jacobs or Haider Ackermann. The high street took this trend and ran with it – so take advantage of the sales! Here are a few high street brand Bow Belts:

French Connection Bow Belt


Warehouse Bow Belt

The classic brown/nude belt is a wardrobe staple – here’s what we saw on the runway for spring summer 2011:

Banana Republic Brown Belt – S/S’11

Lanvin Brown Belt – S/S’11

Tory Burch Nude Belt – S/S’11

 The key for your brown/nude belt is quality – make sure it’s leather and that the buckle suits the tone of the leather. And if you have such a belt at home but find it’s too big – get more holes put into it at your local shoe/key cutting store. And finally….the double wrap belt: 

Akris Double Wrap Belt

Chapurin Double Wrap Belt

The great thing about belts is that you can have fun with them! I was looking for a silvery/blue belt to dress up my wardrobe of grey, blue and black when I came across this sparkly little number by Banana Republic – and I love it!

Kay Bruce – Silver/Blue Banana Republic Belt

K xx

Future TIBI?

10 Jul

I can never get through the fashion dome at the Mall of the Emirates without getting sucked through the doors of Boutique 1…I know, the perils of expat life, still, my detour was not without value – I discovered the New York label TIBI.

TIBI Spring 2011
I tried on a great draped jersey dress with a cool blue tones leopard print motif, alas it did not fit me, but it did pique my interest enough to check out the label online later at home.
And what I found was a story very similar to my own. Creative at heart, went to university, worked in marketing, moved abroad with husband, used time as expat to pursue long-held dream to start her fashion label….the only difference, TIBI started in 1997 – so I wonder if I can say in 14 years time that I am as successful as TIBI – I hope so! She’s stocked all over the world and shows at New York Fashion week. Her studio is in Soho in New York and by all accounts things are going well.
K x


Asos Market Place – Progressive…

8 Jul

Way back….I did a post about Asos Market place…you remember, the one about Fashion Democracy?! Sure you do 🙂

Anyhow, I popped back online today to check out the progress of the Asos Market place; who’s new, who’s hot, who’s not so hot…

See for yourself with my round up on the UK’s emerging design talent…

Iboo - Essex


I know, you never would have guessed from the styling that this is an Essex label…my god – white wellies are the new white stilletos!

Alexandra King - Bristol


Well….this look would go down well on the farm…(I know, I’m so mean!)

Beulah - London


And not just any part of London, Fulham, Darling…and you can tell by the price tag – four times more expensive than most of the competition…mirrors the real estate in that part of London.

Nancy Dee - London


Cute. But won’t win any design awards.

Kelly Love - London

I like her aesthetic, has something a bit different in the details.

Rebecca Cluett - Brighton


OK, so those Brighton lot can get away with being a bit whackier than the rest of us, but seriously, this picture hurts my eyes! Awful!

Yap Yap - Manchester


The north of England is represented…and our Manchester girl has her back against the wall… gotta love stereotypes! It’s alright, but could be H&M.

I do think Asos Marketplace is a great initiative and great for encouraging grass roots fashion. I do also like that it’s not all polished models and trendy settings, it means that for your designs to look great, they truly have to look great – even with your grandma’s garden fence as the backdrop! That’s real life, real fashion – gotta be proud to be British! 🙂

K xx

My Favourite Kate Middleton Looks

7 Jul

Kate Middleton is just looking gorgeous these days. Ok, she’s never been a troll, but she’s so toned, glowing, and that hair…so My Little Pony! I want it! Not all of her looks float my boat, but she comes up trumps more often than not. Here is my pick of her best looks:

Kate Middleton in Issa

Who doesn’t want to own an Issa dress now?!

Kate Middleton in White Reiss Dress

Kate has worn this dress a few times (most famously in the official engagement pictures) and each time manages to make it look fresh and new. I’m really pleased she doesn’t stick to the policy of only wearing an item once, she sets a good example to those of us with fewer wardrobe options!

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

What can I say? Stunning.

Kate Middleton in Erdem

I think Erdem is to die for. This dress will sell out immediately.

K xx

Style Do’s and Don’ts – Ines de la Fressange

2 Jul

I cleared out my wardrobe today, reorganising, dusting (so much dust!) and chucking out…so cathartic! It took over 4 hours….hence I am telling you about it – I want praise! 🙂

Anyhow, a purge of wardrobe clutter got my mind  back to the do’s and don’ts of style I promised you. Here are a few more tips, courtesy of Ines de la Fressange (from her new book “Parisian Chic”):

Parisian Chic - Ines de la Fressange




  • Don’t wear bras with transparent straps (goes without saying in my mind! Everyone can still see them, they just look bad). A stylish visible bra is far sexier.
  • Never wear earrings and a necklace at the same time – it’s too much.
  • Don’t wear leopard skin dresses with plunging necklines….too sexy is just not sexy (oops, I may have worn such a dress recently…ha ha)
  • Don’t wear plastic flips flops. Guaranteed to shatter the chicest of looks. (But I love my havaianas Ines!)
  • Never wear too much jewellery – instantly looks cheap.

Plus, Ines recommends her “Magnificent 7” as a basis for all wardrobes:

1. A man’s blazer:


2. Trench Coat


3. Little Black Dress


4. Jeans


5. Navy Sweater


6. Tank Top

Does she really mean tank top?! I am thinking computer geeks…can’t be right – maybe she means a tight fitting t-shirt?!

7. Leather Jacket


Here she shows how the right leather jacket can look good on someone in their 50s or someone in their 20s.

Ines also advises that the bag is central to the Parisian Chic look, warning against carrying “it” bags and encouraging the reader to find the bag that is “it” for them:


Her book sounds like a fun read! You can get it on amazon and in most book stores:

K xx