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Santa, can you stop by Smythson?

18 Dec

Dearest Santa,

I’ve been such a good girl this year, I’m hoping you will reward me with a trip to New Bond Street…the Smythson store!

Some lust-after items for Santa’s Sack:


Does a fierce mid-heel exist?

14 Dec

I didn’t think much about “fierce-ness” in fashion until a friend recently mentioned it – but the word “fierce” does somehow describe highly fashion-forward, striking items well. So thinking about this word made me realise why I am never fully satisfied with my look when wearing mid heels. I love mid heels for comfort – I get a bit of height – a bit of sophistication and little to none of the agony I get with high heels. But they never make me look “fierce”.

Does a fierce mid-heel exist? I investigate…

Valentino Studded Calf Hair Kitten-Heels

A quick stop on Net-A-Porter where I could search for mid-heels gave me some options – but really – not many! These Valentino studded calf-hair kitten-heels could look fierce teamed with the right pieces – tight black leather pants…

Stella McCartney Faux Patent Leather Slingbacks

These Stella McCartney emeral slingbacks caught my eye. I’m not sure I would be willing to part with nearly £400 for “faux leather”…you mean plastic Stella? But she has the golden touch – and has turned a simple style into something elegant and fashion forward – liking the asymmetry across the toes. Yep – these made my fierce list.
And finally – I searched and searched…

Givenchy Wool-Felt and Leather Sandals

Givenchy’s Wool-Felt and Leather Sandals made it onto my fierce mid-heels list because I am intruiguied by the wool-felt and leather mix – and I like the mix of thick and thin straps – I think they are fashion forward – if a little safe.

So, in short, I think it is possible to get a hot look in mid-heels, but it sure isn’t for the faint hearted – it’s going to take some investment of time and money!!

K x

Fashion for Afghanistan

7 Dec

I took a trip into the depths of Dubai today…Al Barsha 3…a metropolis of ridiculously large houses! The reason for my voyage? Local fashion brand Beshtar was holding an open house – two of my favourite things: fashion and nosing around a new neighbourhood!

The interesting thing about Beshtar is that it takes traditional arabic pieces, such as the Burqa, and makes them into fun and quirky pieces.

Beshtar Burqa Dress


Beshtar Burqa Dress


The dresses and accessories are made in Afghanistan and the proceeds of all sales go to charities there that enable Afghani people to improve their lives. 

The western media gives plenty of attention to Afghanistan, but not much thought is given to those who have suffered from the unrest for years and years, the normal people trying to make a living – Beshtar reminds us that if we can spend 900 dirhams (around £180) on a pretty dress – we are the lucky ones and we should make time to give something back.

This is definitely one for Livia Firth!

K xx